"To explain a thing is to convey a picture of its essence."

What is coaching?

Coaching is a focused consulting service for people in professional change processes. A coach helps people to clarify a wide variety of professional problem areas and serves as a catalyst and facilitator to stimulate reorientation processes, personality and behavioral changes and to train them selectively.

For the client it is about finding the right professional position as well as developing the necessary behavioral skills and personality and integrating this into his general life management. The coach helps the client to optimally design a professional clarification, reorientation and change process.

Our offer

  • Guidance and reorientation, taking into account the client's existing resources.
  • Time-limited, goal- and resource-oriented counseling process for individual support based on a voluntary counseling relationship characterized by mutual acceptance and trust.
  • The client is an expert for his/her solutions and problems, the coach is an expert for the way to find the solutions. Coach and client jointly develop individually suitable solutions. In the process, new evaluations of situations and/or behaviors are developed.
  • The goal is to increase a person's effectiveness in a current or future position.

Our target audience:

Everyone who wants to go through life in a self-responsible and solution-oriented way and who also wants to understand themselves and others better through a change of perspective and self-reflection benefits from our work. The client determines the goal, the coach accompanies him/her on the individual path to the solution. Teams receive individual support and encouragement.


The focus is on increasing professional qualifications and discovering and developing personal potential.

Extension of classic executive development: Coaching focuses increasingly on the relationship level, whereas classic executive development is mainly on the factual level. The goal of Pro Select is to combine both areas.