Culture training - intercultural competence

Process of integrating foreign employees

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, employee teams are now international. Colleagues and superiors face the challenge of bringing together and leading specialists from a wide variety of cultures.

In their daily work, they come into contact with various cultural norms, religious orientations, rules of conduct, understanding of roles and expectations. To be successful in dealing with different cultural conditions, knowledge, increased awareness and sensitivity are required.

Through targeted training of your own intercultural competence, communication with colleagues and situations can be correctly interpreted, understood and successfully designed. In order to ensure the team's success, you have to learn to deal with the "foreign". The PRO SELECT training supports you in this.

"Culture Training - Intercultural Competence"

Get to know and understand the most important basics and diversity of foreign cultures. This leads to a better understanding and reduces stress and conflict.

The seminar provides information about the model of the cultural dimension with which contact with the most diverse cultures can be prepared. In addition, the seminar provides practical assistance in the event of intercultural misunderstandings according to the motto: Conflicts cannot be completely avoided, but can be resolved with intercultural sensitivity.

Another content point of the seminar is the explanation and presentation of the adjustment process when placing foreign employees through the authorities.

Seminar content:

  • Understanding and assessing foreign cultures - characteristics and sociological distinctions
    • Small or large power distance
    • Individual and collective in society
    • Masculinity versus femininity
    • What is typical German?
  • The culture shock - the way you deal with foreignness
    • Phases and ways of thinking
    • Understand and avoid conflict management-intercultural conflicts