Human Resources Development

Seminars, workshops, coaching etc.

The development and expansion of competencies among employees at all hierarchical levels to meet the constantly changing requirements and tasks, both internally and resulting from the environment, society, customers and technology, is essential for companies in all industries increasingly important.

The half-life of knowledge is:

  • 20 years for school knowledge
  • 10 years for university knowledge
  • 5 years for professional knowledge
  • 3 years for technical knowledge
  • 1 year for IT knowledge

Knowledge and qualifications are a valuable competitive advantage. "Knowledge is power."

The "War of Talents" is the key word for attracting and retaining qualified employees.

Personnel development at all hierarchical levels in the company is the ideal solution in order to continue to successfully achieve its corporate goals in the future.

Personnel development serves to promote and support all important optimization processes in the company.

Employees and managers should be enabled to meet the requirements of the workplace at any time, both now and in the future, and to do “their job” well and with motivation through personnel development.

The seminars are led by Ms. Sabine Faller.

"Through my studies in adult education and coaching and as a very experienced and longstanding communication and management trainer and HR manager, I am able to activate the employees' own strengths and through the application of selected methods and didactics to increase the performance of the people concerned .”

-Sabine Faller, Managing Director of Pro Select