We arrange jobs for nurses and nurses

Hello dear readers! We are pleased to be able to provide you with a blog from now on. You are currently reading our first blog post, which is intended to serve as the starting signal for upcoming news, useful information and success stories for our candidates who have started their way as nurses in Germany (or as nurses).

We can find work for you as a nurse in Germany

If you come outside of the EU and want to build a fantastic future in Germany, then you will find us to be the best partner to organize your immigration and your start in Germany!

Now is the best time to come to Germany, as there is a great demand for medical personnel. Not only nurses can hope for a good job in Germany, but also as a midwife or as an assistant in radiology or in a laboratory one has good chances.

As an international team of experts, we take on all the administrative work, such as the application for recognition of the training in Germany, the search for an employer or the application for a visa. With us you are in safe hands, so that you can look forward to a happy future in Germany soon.

Many successful placements as a foreign nurse in Germany

In the 5 years in which Pro Select has been active in recruiting, we have already been able to carry out around 300 successful placements of foreign nurses, as well as radiology and laboratory assistants. The candidates now have a new job and a new future in Germany, a good salary and good social and health insurance. Everyone is very satisfied and recommends us with the best ratings.

So far we have been able to place candidates from 10 different countries and new ones are constantly being added. Successfully placed candidates who now have a job in Germany come from many Eastern European countries such as Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine, Serbia, North Macedonia and Georgia.

However, we have already successfully placed candidates from other continents such as Tunisia, Argentina or Chile.

We have accompanied all of these candidates on their way to a new future in Germany.

If you, too, want a new, attractive future in Germany, you can apply to us now.

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Itís hard to come by educated people about this topic, however, you seem like you know what youíre talking about! thanks